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bringing friend over

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    Guest sally

    Ive been over here 3 years on a permanant visa.

    Ive had a friend out here from the uk who i have grown very close too, but he is 47, so to old for a work visa.

    Hes been over on a visitor visa and living with me for 6 months, hes recentley had to go back to uk for a few weeks to sell his house ect ect.


    Can he still come back on another holiday visa????

    Were hoping once hes been here for a year we can apply for the de facto visa!!


    Anyone have any idea???




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    He can come back on a holiday visa, but when he comes through, immigration may be more suspicious if they look at his recent passport stamps, and if he says he is coming to visit a girlfriend they can send him on the next plane home if they think he is wanting to eventually be a resident. Did he overstay his last holiday visa - thought you could only stay for 90 days?

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