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Be careful driving in hills.

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    Guest katsmajic

    Just thought i'd post a warning about driving in the hills/countryside.


    The big old gum trees can and do fall over, with out warning - as i discovered yesterday.

    I was on the Old Mt Barker Rd, between Echunga and Mt Barker, its a fast road and totally tree lined. As i was toodling along at 70+ a van overtook me, we rounded a corner to find a tree had just fallen covering the whole road - bits of bark/debris still going all over the place, a truck was coming at us on the other side of the road - the van infront managed to go up a bank on the left and go round the tree - it was such a small space but with no chance of braking hard without losing control i followed...the truck had managed to come to a stop on the other side but had nudged the tree which gave me more room - the car behind followed me - if i had tried to brake fully he'd have been in my car...we'd got down to about 40+ at this point.

    Obviously we all stopped and i called it in to the police...


    Those trees give no warning and its purely by chance no one was splattered - its a pretty drive through those hills/the country side - but keep your wits about you folks.

    If i had sped up cos of the van being up my arse chances are id have been under that tree when it fell. :err:

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