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Guest stevewhite

3rd time lucky

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    Guest stevewhite



    I have already said hello in the fishing section so I thought I had better say Hi here aswell,so HI.


    This is the 3rd time time I have tried this.1st time I was happily living away in Perth and then had to go back to the Uk for family reasons.The 2nd time I came over at the start of Jan 09 during the economic meltdown and really struggled to get work in Perth and ended up having to go back to UK skint with my tail between my legs.So this is the 3rd time and I will not let it fail this time.....


    Really looking forward to getting on with things this time and a couple of quick questions if anyone had time to answer them..could someone recommend a good baggage/moving company..I only need to get my tools (as I am a Plumber/Gas engineer) and my fishing kit over as quickly and cheaply as possible,so any advice in that one would be good,also are there any ex pat plumbers who can shed some light on the cost,time etc it takes to get the S.A. plumbing licence and apart from the usual website's and where the best places are to look for work as money will be tight and I will need to work asap.....


    Many thanks


    all the best steveo

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