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Guest Gwlad Fy Nhadau

Cymraeg (Welsh language) Group

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Guest Gwlad Fy Nhadau

Y Grwp Sgwrsio Cymraeg Adelaide (the Welsh conversation group of Adelaide) is moving from the Brecknock hotel to the Box Factory Community Centre.


Meetings will still be first Thursday of the month at 7.30pm.


Croeso cynnes iawn i bawb pwy eisiau i siarad neu dysgu Cymraeg. (A very warm welcome to everyone who wants to speak or learn Welsh).


The group aims to cater for both fluent speakers and basic learners and all inbetween. So if you're from Welsh Wales and a recent arrival fluent in Cymraeg, or an Aussie of Welsh heritage wanting to get in touch with the language of the Land of your fathers, or a long time immigrant going rusty on your Welsh - Croeso!!


Facebook page (gwefan gwynebllyfr) - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grwp-sgwrsio-Cymraeg-Adelaide/306112173971?ref=ts

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Guest EHumphreys

Where about is the Box Factory Comm Centre please?



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Guest Gwlad Fy Nhadau
The Box Factory is in the city centre - canol y ddinas - see Box Factory Community Centre near end of Frome Rd and Carrington St.


Noswaith dda Karen, Sorry but not much is happening efo y grwp ar hyn o bryd. The group met for a while at the Welsh Cafe (in Cumberland Park near Big W) but maybe because it was winter, and instigators of the group like me had a run of other committments on first Thursdays, or went back to Wales, it has faded. However St David's Day/ Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant was a raging success for the second year in a row.


The other reason the group has faded at present anyway was a lack of critical mass of Welsh speakers. There were lots wanting to learn Welsh but no-one with time to focus on teaching. Also the group had been was set up more for conversation for those fluent or semi-fluent or like me at least able to follow much of the gist. My parents were 10pound poms and I was a babe in arms coming to Australia, but have been back to visit and work in Wales and went to Cymraeg lessons there. Also I am moving to Qld soon so we desperately need people to run the website.


What the group needs is a quorum of Cymraeg speakers - over time enough have come and gone, so with a bit of energy it could revive. The website needs more administrators who can post main messages - if you want to be one let me know. I was talking with Anne who runs the Welsh Cafe and she will be a website administrator. Also the Welsh Cafe can serve as a place to get names together for a bigger quorum. Prior to the Welsh Cafe there was no central place for Welsh people in Adelaide. The Cafe is doing well. Encourage people you know to just drop in there.




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Sw mae pawb? 


Yn gyntaf mae rhaid I fi ddweud rwy'n flin oherwydd mae fy siarad Cymraeg yn llawer gwell na ysgrifennu e. 


Rydw i'n gallu gweld bod ned wedi rhoi neges yn y grwp yma ers 2011 ond rydw I esiau dechrau clwb siarad Cymraeg arall in Adelaide. Fe fyddwn I yn hapus I rhedeg e 



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