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    Hi all we are breaking our lease in Sept and just wanted PIA to know it's a lemon, please email or pm me for the address so you know to steer clear as i'm not sure if I can put the address on here publicly.

    Quick rundown.....aircon does not work, heating does not work, the electrics keep tripping, lounge lights hanging out of ceiling and are not safe (we use a lamp) no smoke alarm fitted downstairs it's been removed, garage leaks and the front door lock sometimes won't unlock from the outside as tumblers stick, no window coverings in bathroom so you have to shower in the daytime or at night with the light off....etc etc etc. So please give this property a wide berth.

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    Guest m.and.m

    hi we will be looking for a place to rent by the end of sept so could you give me the address of the lemon please thanks mike

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