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areas to stay schools and rentals

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    Guest mandy.s

    hi there, :wubclub:


    we are hoping to come over around jan/feb time,


    we will have to rent until we decide where to settle any advice would be appreciated

    we have 4 children ages 16, 14, 8, and 5

    could anyone give advice on good areas to stay where there is not to much travelling for schools.

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    I will just say that most areas are good for this just depends on what you are looking for beach, city or hills. Then there is your work commute to consider.

    Basically there are so many factors to consider and it is a very personal choice and of course budget plays a part in it.

    I would look into where you will be working and then from there work out budget and distance to work to help narrow your search area down.


    Good luck


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