Puppies How they Have Grown!!

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    Can't believe our little pups will be 6 weeks old on Friday!! They are a lot of fun and also a lot of work....Mental note DO NOT have a litter of puppies in the winter (and one of the coldest wettest ones at that!!)38017_1537546205342_1435493009_31382053_1553176_n.jpg








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    I'm dreading the day that they will go! Although I'm hoping that they will all be local so I will be able to see their progress!! There are only 2 for sale one boy and one girl, we are keeping the tiny girl and one of the other girls, my son is moving into his own house soon so he will eventually have one with him.....my daughter would like tokeep the other boy but I think I might end up in the divorce courts if I said yes!!! If any oof you have facebook add me and you can see lots more photos!! haven't had a social life for the last 5 weeks which is probably a good thing as I got my electricity bill last week!! Gas will arrive soon I expect.......and then there were the vet bills!!!

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