Do cats have to be registered?

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    Hello - can anyone tell me if domestic cats need to be registered. They both have their ID chips from the uk so i am presuming the details will need changing at some point. But filling out rent application forms and they are asking - not sure if this just applies to dogs, thanks

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    Guest guest569

    i think it all depends on which council your under. I know under Onkaparinga council they don't but i think you are required to keep cats in at night here.

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    There is always a lot of debate about this - I think Mitcham Council recently introduced some cat bylaws but don't live there myself so not 100% sure what they are! Usually the debate centres around


    (a) making microchipping compulsory (agree with that),

    (b) making desexing compulsory (mostly agree)

    © limiting the number of cats that can be kept (agree)

    (d) setting curfews for cats (mostly agree) and

    (e) making it compulsory for cats to be kept contained (totally disagree!!)

    (f) making it compulsory to register your cat(s) (don't mind this)


    As far as I know, no councils have yet introduced registration, but it could be coming in the future. On the other factors, each council has its own bylaws so worth checking on the individual council websites (there's around 64 Local Government Authorities in SA so I won't list them all!)

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