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    Hi I have bought my boys a Playstation 3 for Christmas and am just in the process of looking at games for them. They are almost 9 and 6. Does anyone have any suggestions for suitable games and where to get them at non extortionate prices. I am thinking of Harry Potter Lego and Little big planet but not being into these sorts of things am unsure what is suitable. Also can you buy them from - are Playstation 3 universal could my mum buy them in the UK



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    Yeah, your mum could get games in the UK for you...always worth comparing the price, as often the games are much more expensive here.


    We often by games in the UK for ours...


    Aus, NZ & UK are all the PAL system, so no probs there..


    As for game suggestions? Do they like Football (and i mean proper football lol)...the latest FIFA world cup game is boys who are 11 & 7 love it! Little Big Planet is good as well...My 7 year old doesnt play the PS3 much, he is more into his DSi 11 year old plays the PS3 far more... but he plays the Call of Duty games, which i doubt you would find suitable..


    Pay your local EB Games a visit....they will be able to help....also another great play to find games is Ebay...

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