4 Weeks to go and it hasnt hit me yet

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    We leave Leeds 4 weeks today and fly 4 weeks tomorrow. All my furniture was collected yesterday, so house is pretty empty and im sleeping (well not really) on an airbed.

    Whether it is lucky or not my kids are renting my house so it will still be home until I leave.

    My problem is everyone is in a bit of an emotional mess (which I expected as we have such a close family and great friends), what I cant understand is apart from being totally exhausted I am still numb.

    I know im focusing on: shipping, then leaving party, then leaving work but am scared it will hit me at the last minute and either I will crack or refuse to go.

    Is this normal, how can I not feel anything when im leaving everyone behind especially my beautiful granddaughter and children. Normally im so emotional?

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    Guest BAZnDAF



    We're not quit there yet but from previous post that I have read it sounds totally normal. Most people go through the stage of worrying if its the right thing to do etc... A few days ago Daph said she wasn't sure about going! this is a few hours after bridgefords had been to price the house! few hours later and a soak in the bath and she'd changed her mind and does still want to go. I personally fear the unknown paqrt of, can i get a job, will we run out of money, etc...


    So it all sounds normal to me! but then, whats normal?




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    Guest guest3462

    Hi Andi, it is perfectly normal to feel the way you do. I felt exactly the same as you til we drove away from my mums house in Barnsley for the last time on the way to the airport. I think everyone goes through it.

    I'm sure you will go through a million different emotions in the next four weeks, including im not going, i am going, what the hell have we done etc etc!!!

    I am sure you will be fine, especially when you get here and get settled into your accomodation. Again you will be mad busy for the first few weeks getting everything sorted at this end, but the weather will be getting warmer and you'll be meeting loads of new friends to help you settle. This forum is such a valuable asset to have once you get here for meeting people or getting help.

    Enjoy your last few weeks and drink it all in and see you on the sunny side sooon

    Julia xxx

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    Guest Guest75

    It's normal to have every emotion known to man on the run up to leaving the UK - sometimes all in one day!!!


    You'll be fine :D:D:D:D

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