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    Hi all,


    New to this, so please bear with me. We are in the early stages of our move to Adelaide. My wife (a nurse) has a job offer with the health authority over there, and I am a Primary school teacher who will be looking for work there when we have settled. IELTS is booked for next weekend, and reams of paperwork has already been completed.


    We were initially going to sell everything before we left the UK, but after reading of peoples experiences on here, we have now decided to get a 20' container and ship as much as we can with us.


    Amongst a million other questions, I thought I would take this opportunity to ask one that is currently buzzing around in my head. We are thinking of shipping our washing machine, tumble dryer, dish washer, fridge, freezer, microwave etc in the 20' container. Besides needing a different plug for the electricity, is this a good idea, or are we better to buy new ones when we arrive there next year. They are all of a good quality. I thought I had read somewhere that the gases in fridges/freezers caused a problem with Aussie customs, but I may of dreamt this.


    Any feedback would be greatly received.


    Many thanks

    Paul 41

    Sarah 42

    Ethan 4

    Calum 3

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    Guest monkey-74


    I have also heard this. Something along the lines that you need a cfc certificate to prove that there are none.

    Not sure how you go about this but your shipping company should be able to advise.

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    Guest guest3462

    Hi, we didn't bring any white goods with us and spent a small fortune on replacing everything once we arrived. White goods (my opinion) seem to cost a fair bit more here than they did in the UK, but having said that, we are almost 2 years in and I want a new washer.....we bought a top loader and I hate it!!And upon looking i'm finding that they are costing on average between $400-$700, but you get a $200 water rebate back on redemption so actually they're not that bad!

    I know people who brought their fridge freeezers, tv's and other white goods and have had no problems using them over here, they either use UK adapter plugs or get an elecrician to change the plugs over for them.

    All I can advise is, is that if you have booked a full 20ft container, then cram it full to the brim as possible with everything, especially bedding, sheets, kids clothes and shoes, as the quality of these things here are not as good. Just remember to take everything out of their new wrappes so you dont get taxed on it!

    All the best

    JC x

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    Guest Woody and Jane

    Hi, we brought our washer, dryer and microwave but left our fridge freezer. The guy from John Masons told us that the thermostats work on a different temperature range and that UK fridge freezers aren't built to withstand the heat we get over here so your food might go off quicker.

    On arriving we bought a big American style fridge freezer with a water and ice dispenser because we've always wanted one. Six months later we bought a house that the fridge freezer would fit in! That ice dispenser is going to get a hammering come summer.

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