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Guest MrsHills

Another airport strike??

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Brilliant! My parents fly out on 29th August!!!! Or at least, that's the plan..... Grrrrrrrrrr...........

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Usually it's French or Spanish air traffic controllers who cause the chaos.


Hopefully it won't come to a strike, but it must be remembered that many big employers are trying to screw as much out of their workers as they can. I have no love for BAA after their plans to concrete over large parts of the countryside near where I used to live as part of a 2nd runway for Stansted Airport (now cancelled after 8 years).


I don't know the details but one thing at issue is changes to sick pay. At my husband's old company, they stopped paying sick pay for the 1st 3 days for new employees, which did stop people taking a casual sickie but also meant people came into work when they were genuinely ill, and then they just spread their germs around to everyone else. The last thing you want is to catch some horrible bug off the airport staff at the start of your holiday!!

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I'm booked to fly 2nd September. Hope they don't strike, it would cause havoc for so many people - but they know that.


What would happen in regards to flights that don't operate? Same as the volcano situation? You'll fly when they find you a spare seat?

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