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    Hello, Hope everyone is well?

    I posted this on PomsinOz yesterday and have had some great advice and from people. I noticed however there are number of photographers using PomsinAdelaide so thought I would repost over here and see what you guys think too. So here it is...


    My OH has recently started an Open College of Arts Degree in photography.

    We have checked, and he is able to continue his studies from Australia when/if we eventually get there.

    Long term goal is to start his own photography business, hopefully over there rather than here, however this is quite a way down the pipeline yet.

    So I thought I would post his website on here for you to take a peek and see what you think. Would appreciate any feedback from any photographers both Home & Away (Lol! - sorry) or just people with an interest in photography or being photographed, or indeed just anyone that would like to express an opinion.

    Would also be interested to hear from anyone who is a photographer and any advice they could give on getting into the industry....

    Thank you.


    Lee Knowles Photography: Welcome

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    I have been trying to think of what to write. I too am starting out with my photography business but I am under no illusion that it is easy money. They say that on average 80% of businesses fail or fold within the first three years SCARY!!!!


    All I know is I love it and if it does not become a full time career than I know that I will not forget what I have learned and hopefully my passion will always be there to paint with light.


    A few sites for your OH have to check out


    Australian Photographic Society - For photography enthusiasts, amateur and professional.


    Australian Institute of Professional Photography


    Adelaide Camera Club Incorporated


    Also if his training is not complete or wishes to supplement his skills once he is here than I am currently training here, Centre for Creative Photography expensive but accredited and I love it there.


    I hope that helps and best of luck with your move over to Australia. The pictures he has are good too.


    All the best


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    Thank you, I will get him to check those out.


    Lee works offshore at the moment as an engineer so photography is a completely new challenge for him. He hates working away from home but unfortunately that is what pays the bills at the moment. Obviously the move to Australia will mean starting afresh and leaving the old job behind.


    I think he realises he may have to get another job to keep us afloat until he finds his feet with the photography world but hopefully he will be able to do that gaining experience working with other photographers. Who knows.... we shall have to wait and see what new opportunities South Australia presents us with. ;)


    So how is business for you? I see on your website that you have lots of different venture going on? Which do you find most successful the photography of the filming? Do you have business premises? or do you work from home? Sorry lots of questions. xx

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