The bloody cheek of it!!!!

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    Well my husband rides his motorbike into the city every day and usually parks just off North Terrace.

    He came out of work today to find some thieving ferrals had drove along and stole his back wheel off his motorbike and drove off with it! :arghh:

    I mean they must have seen the bike and decided they needed the wheel and gone and collected the necessary tools to remove it!


    This is his mode of transport and is going to be stuck on public transport for a while until the insurance company sort it out. God knows what damage they have done to the bike by slinging back down on the ground like that, in the process knocking over a few others in the process!


    On the plus side a kind lady working opposite saw them take it and took down the number plate of their car and reported it to the police!!! so hopefully they will catch them! :policeman:

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    Guest kangomik

    Thats shocking, he needs a chain to fasten the front to the rear then they cannot remove em. Hope to much damage was not done by laying it over on it's side.


    Fingers crossed they catch the scumbags.

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    Guest nicandchris

    God im outraged! Thought that only happened in London where i used to double chain my bike (through the front and back) and use a wheel lock and always expected it to be gone or parts missing when i came out of work (luckily nothing ever happened!). Id better not tell the OH that his precious bikes could be at risk over there he'd carry a shot gun (only joking - about the gun anyway!). Hope its sorted for you and a lesson to bike riders!

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