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    Hi All


    Have been here 2 months now, trying to find work, If anyone knows if anyone is looking for a carpenter could you let me know. thanks.:notworthy:

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    Hi Guys,

    Sorry to hear that you are not working. We are in Old Reynella so if you want to meet up for a chat please let me know as we are close by.

    Have you tried Doors Plus in Main South road? We had a door installed on the main house and I met an English carpenter who was working for them. There are plenty of builders who are still active on this site.

    There's Damien who's a great person (active on this site and he also stayed in the same cottage as you in Christies)...saw him last week in Christies's worth getting hold of him and asking whether he knows anyone who's looking for a carpenter. I'm sure he will help if he can point you in the right direction.

    Maybe there are other tradies on here who can help out??? It's often the network system that opens the doors in the beginning so i hope you get some assistance.


    My OH works at Bunnings and he says they are taking on people again...maybe not what you are looking for but it will bring in the Dollars in the meantime. Each store recruits independently even though their web site is a general recruitment. A job in the trade yard or advising in the kitchen dept will pay at least $20 per hour on a contract or $25 as a casual.


    Hope that something works out...



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