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    Hi All,


    Mu husband and I along with our 2 year old son will be moving to Adelaide at the end of the year.


    Andrew already had a job and I will be looking for something part-time when I arrive.


    My question is how easy is it to get a nursery space in Adelaide as in my home town it can be quite difficult?


    Also do you have the equivalent to the Scottish care commission who are a government body who assess nurseries/ schools etc and you can look up report online?


    Thanks in advance for your replies



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    Sorry just a quick reply it all depends on where you live etc and cost I know a really good day care centre but it has a waiting list and it is a bit cheaper as it is run by the council but private places are usually ok. I had no problem getting my 2 in.


    I have friend on the end of the city and she struggled it's all hit and miss really and there is not a lot you can do until your here or have a secured a rental

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