Hallett Cove Karrara Kindergarten

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    Hey everyone,


    I just wanted to let local families know about Karrara Kindy. I have been taking my youngest 2 boys to playgroup (Friday 11-1pm) since Feb and they love it. My 4 year old has now started pre-entry there this term and is enjoying it very much. But also importantly, I love it! It is a small, friendly group and is a great start for kids going to Hallett Cove East Primary. Many of the families attending the Kindy have older kids at the school (like myself) and I have found it an invaluable way to meet other parents and to learn more about the schools, education and way things work over here in Oz!


    The playgroup is a great way to meet people - I've met lots of people and the boys have made friends too. Mostly I go so I can sit down and natter for a couple of hours! :biglaugh:


    Everyone is welcome - Dad's, Nan's, carer's etc. There are a couple of ladies who do Family Day Care who also take their kids along.


    Be great to see some new faces there :jiggy:


    Jo xxx

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    Hello Jo


    I'm not sure when you posted about Karrara but I was glad to see your positive comments. My family of four are coming over at the end of August and I was looking at Karrara for my daughter who is 4. My son is 7 and we are considering Hallett Cove East for him. We know of Karrara as we lived in Hallett Cove 5 years ago. It sounds like a lovely place. Maybe I'll bump into you when we get there!?



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