HP G6000 Laptop

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    We have a lap top we wanting to sell.....


    It is around 3 years old and we bought it in UK before we came here and have since upgraded.


    Has slowed down since we bought it, but i think all it needs is a clean install of windows, or whatever anyone wants to do with it.....we have no back up discs for this laptop....seems to have gone walkies in the 'move'!!


    Currently running Vista

    2gb Ram

    AMD Athlon x2

    Wifi enabled

    15inch screen

    160GB Hardrive

    Multi DVD writer


    Comes with cable....(uk with changed plug!!)


    Anyone who is able to complete the reinstall it will make a good buy!


    $500 ONO

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    The laptop its self work fine.... it starts up fine, works fine, and shuts down fine!


    Perhaps didnt explain it properly..... If i bought a 2nd hand laptop the first thing i would do is clean install everything...and as Microsoft dont ship discs with new laptops or pc's you have to make your own which we did but now cant find... Apart from that its fine!


    The price isnt set in stone and anyone can make an offer and all will be considered.....



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