15ft Pool, Garden Vac, Hedge Trimmer and set top box

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    Hi, We have just moved home and trying to free a bit of space in the garage so we are selling the following


    15 ft inflatable clark rubber insta pool, comes with the ladder, pump/filter, cover and several chemicals and cleaning agents $250 ono

    (we used it the first summer and with us knowing we were moving as we were building it has just been gathering dust as we needed to let it down for the grass to grow back at the rental then moved with us)


    Icon Garden Blower/ Vac / Mulcher 2400w, the wheel has brokem off the front but still works $25 SOLD


    Ryobi Hedge Trimmer only used a couple of times and with no hedges at the new place no need to keep $40 SOLD


    Awa Digital Set top box , stupidly bought 6 months ago even though the tv had an in built tuner...:wacko::wacko: $20 SOLD


    kath and G

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    Pool is too big Kath....Clare you need generator to go with the trimmer....lol




    I got all excited there,

    im sure you could squeeze it in - you have 13mtre drive to fill aint ya :biglaugh:



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