Preschool and school going age?

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    Hi All,

    Would like to get some more information regarding preschool and school age. We are moving over mid Oct, we have a 3 year old (turned 3 in July), from my understanding kids start school when they five in Oz. What about preschool, what age is this and do they have to do a certain amount of hours per week. Also when do they start school in the year they turn five or the following year?

    Because my little one already started preschool here, we would like him to have time in a nursery school once we are settled. What is the average daily rate for this, and I assume you don’t get funding from the state for this like it works in the UK (we will be on a 176 visa).

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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    Guest guest3462

    Hi children start Kindy here the term after they turn 4, though some kids can do a pre entry term just before that if there are spaces for them. They will then start reception class the term after they are 5. School starting points are staggered in the first year so all kids are 5 unless you pay for private education and they only have one entry date. Thw law says that children do not have to start structured education until the age of 6, but most kids do go to Kindy at 4.

    If you have a permenant visa, you will be entitled to some rebate for childcare/ nursery fees, it is means tested against yur earnings so itdepends how much you will get and because we are (still!!) not residents I can't say how that works. I think nursey fees seem to be similar to those in the uk butagain my 3 year old stays home with me, she is lucky and will start pre entry Kindy next term as her fourth birthday is inthe firstday of the new school year.


    JC x

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    As your on a permanent visa once you have settled I would look at finding a day care centre for your child as they will be used that structure.

    My son goes to a day care centre and it is really easy to get the funding for it. When you apply for your centrelink payments you can ask to be means tested for CCB. Then you just give the centre your Customer Ref Number and the system does it automatically.

    Basically the the discount is taken off your payments before you see it. I am by no means an expert but if you get a helpful day care centre and helpful centrelink person you should be fine


    The day care centre he goes to does a bus to his local Kindy which he will start full time in Jan. His Kindy payment is only $60 a term.




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    Guest Chandan



    Here's what I have dicovered in the last few months since we arrived..


    My 4.5 year old went to full school nursery in the UK and is now in Australia he is at Kindy 2.5 days (9am- 3.30pm, 9am-12noon).. for $80 a ten week block (term)


    I have just looked around a childcare centre yesterday and fees for a day seem to range from $64 -$75 a day with the possibility to get a rebate. You would need to contact Centrelink on this as most of the childcare workers will direct you that way as it is different for every cicumstance.


    Sadly you wont find a Kindy, Childcare centre that will be on par with what you are used to in the UK.. As a Montessori Nursery worker and a nanny in the UK and a mum I was very dissappointed to find out the staff ratio for the baby room- 6 weeks to 2 year olds was 1:5 In the UK 2-3 year olds have a Ofsted enforced ratio of 1:4 and 4-8 year olds 1:8


    My 4.5 year old wont be starting Reception till April next year -if we werre in England he would have started Reception now. The schools have before and afterschool clubs on site of the schools that run from 7am till 8.30am taking the children to classes then collecting them after school till 6pm.. (this only costs $22 a day which you can get a rebate).


    If you are in a situation like mine, I have a 8 month old aswell, when I go to uni next year I need cover for both kids. We are looking at maybe putting 4.5 year old into the same childcare centre as baby because of the need of before and after kindy care and also the other days he doesnt attend..but as we can get rebates on a registered nanny we may go down that road.


    Good luck and hope that helped somewhat.


    Hope it was a different view on it all..

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