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Retail Cert iii on offer FREE

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    Guest katsmajic


    mods please feel free to move this as not sure where to put its blatent advertising :D


    I've started work for a company branching in to SA, theyre from Victoria (they cant help it i guess)

    We're offering to businesses training to members of staff/owners/managers etc

    It is entirely government funded - no cash outlay for the business!!!


    Cert iii in Retail Ops - not only is it valuable to kids for SACE points but its a step up on the qualifications ladder here.


    The deal is -

    Business owners register the staff who want to do the training, we sign up - its a 7month course, with 1 x 2hour session a month - 7 sessions, at 3mths the government pay the business owner $1500 per student - the business then pays us $500 per student, at the end of the course the government will pay an additional $2500 per student completing the course - of which the business owner pays us $500 per student.

    Thats a bonus of $3000 per student to the business owner!

    2 staff as a minimum for training.


    School age staff need to be working 8hrs a week to qualify and adults need to be rostered regular 25hrs per week to qualify.


    The package is entirely government funded.

    We provide everything for the students, at suitable times etc.


    PM me or check out the website

    Retail Food Service Training & Retail Traineeships - Certificate III In Retail Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania


    it is applicable to all retail based business, not just fast food etc - im training people at subways/macca's/videoeasy/dominos/cafes/blockbusters/IGA etc the owners are loving it - they are receiving money for nothing....


    if you know anyone in business who would like more info let me know - seriously i've investigated this thoroughly and theres no catch!

    and teens etc if you are working and want to get your Cert iii let me know and i'll come chat to your bosses.



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