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    I heard about this yesterday.

    And who says Adelaide is dead at night!!!!


    Adelaide is gearing up for the 5th Annual Adelaide Zombie Walk. This Saturday 9th October, the streets of Adelaide will be filled with blood soaked zombies and other ghoulish creatures.

    Despite the scary appearance, this walk is a family event suitable for all ages, in previous years attracting babies, grandmas and even some eery eyed pooches. With over 2600 fans on Facebook, this years Zombie Walk is looking to be a hit this year, raising funds and donations for the Adelaide Food Bank.

    This bloodied group will be meeting at Rymill Park from 7pm and heading on their stumble through Grenfell St and Currie St, on their way to Light Square.

    Be a spectator and some pics of this gruesome bunch, or put together a recipe for fake blood and costume it up for a great cause this Saturday.:elvis::elvis::elvis::elvis:

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