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    Hi all,


    we are looking to build a house in or around the Hallett Cove area, we have been advised by the builder that we require a land size of approximately 700m2.


    Does anybody know of rough prices for land this size, we have been checking on the land for sale websites but they only give the offers over, I was wondering if anybody knows what they actually go for.


    The gradients of the land can't be too hilly as we don't want to have excess extras added on for retaining walls and extra underpinning etc.......


    Many thanks


    As usual all comments, advice and information is appreciated :notworthy:

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    Guest guest569

    If you are lucky enough to find a plot that is not too hilly ( Hallet cove is quite hilly ) 700m2 would probably set youback $170,000

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    Guest Libby1971



    We had originally planned to do much the same thing but found that the majority of the land was sloped with a steep gradient. In some cases it was difficult to see how you could have any garden to speak of.


    There is a development going on of Hallett Cove on the opposite side of Lonsdale Road (Hallett Cove Heights or something similar). That is owned by a developer and they expect you to buy the land and house through them. If the land is too steep for one of their designs, then they will send the land seperately.


    Land in this area is expensive and in very high demand. Prices are over $180000, even with a gradient.


    Good luck



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    Guest Roo1

    Hi Cornelia,


    Are you planning to buy land whilst you are still in the U.k?


    Its just my parents are on the same quest whilst they have been holidaying here in Adelaide and everything they've looked at has not been suitable, whether it be location, price, neighbours etc.


    Hopefully you are just fact finding at the mo as I urge you to come and see what you are buying before you put any money down.


    J x :)

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    Hi there,


    thanks for the comments, if the right piece of land came and a good price, then I would buy from the UK. The good thing is the builder (henleys) are looking as well and any time I think I have found one, they are checking it out to see if the house we want (hopefully) can be built on this.


    We thought we had found one in Hallett Cove, the right size but when Henleys checked it out the gradient as you have all mentioned was not to be.


    But I'll just keep hoping and trying.


    Hoping to be in Adelaide by feb/mar 08.

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    Guest sarahsmartiepants

    There are only a few plots left in the main bit of hallett, if the bit henly just looked at is in hallett heights then you might have to widen your search.

    The original part of hallett you are looking at 200-250ish, There will be a new realease in hallett hieghts soon, but that wont be reasonably flat either, and also priced around 165 for the smaller ones

    good luck hope that helps

    shiedow pk is cheaper, although you will need retaining walls there.


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