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    Hello everyone.

    Just discovered this site after being told about it by the people that we are renting from. It would have made things so much easier if I had discovered it when in the UK.

    Really wish that we had seen it earlier.

    You will see us at the get togethers.


    Been here for 3 weeks and loving it. Kids love the beach and the pool to swim in although too cold for me!!!


    I will give a report of our findings both good and bad.:biglaugh:

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    Guest guest3462

    Welcome to Adelaide and PIA! Hope you are settling in well, you are here just in time for the weather to warm up. I see from another post you are interested in Willunga, it is a lovely town with a great school. My kids go to the kindy there and will go to school next year. How old are your kids? Hope you get your jog situation sorted out, fingers crossed for you.

    Regards Julia

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