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STEP A TO Z for New Arrival migrant to Adelaide

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    Guest botanica

    Hi, I am new to this part of the site, poms in Adelaide but I am optimistic about the great site i have it here, PIA.

    I am booking flights to Adelaide for second week of November on TR visa. I tried to look for accommodation but unable to get responses from gumtree etc sites. Please help me to do the inportant things in the first fortnight.




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    Hi, it's me again...


    First things we did when we got here:


    First day, we sorted out our banking, we had our accounts ready from the uk and just had to go to the branch to validate and get our bank cards, and get access to our money.

    2nd - we bought car, we got ours from Jarvis they are online, but if you head on main north road, it's full of dealerships, with all price ranges.

    3rd - get Medicare sorted, go to Medicare and fill out the forms to get your Medicare cards, you Will need them as I did with the kids, helps as if you don't you will have to pay for doctors upfront and then claim back later.

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