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457 Ultimate Nightmare

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    Guest shella_n

    Hi All


    Well my husbands job here was an absolute nigtmare (you have no idea) and his employer is being investigated by immigration and some other Govt departments (tax etc)


    Anyway he got a new job before he left the old one but the new employer did not have the ability to sponsor on the 457 but was willing to apply. They applied 8 or 9 weeks ago and it has still not been granted yet.


    We ran out of money a week ago, weve been living by borrowing from the childrens bank accounts at the moment and on Friday our 28 days is up and we have to leave the country. Immigration say they can give us an extension but how are we supposed to feed our children in the meantime?


    So it looks like our dream might be over and we will be on our way back home by the end of next week.


    Anyway, im not looking for help or advice really I just needed a place to write it down and blow of some steam. Also, this may be a cautionary tale for people coming on the 457, we thought it wouldnt happen to us but here we are! So glad we never sold out house at home and can go back to our old lives, even though we will be financially crippled by this whole experience.



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    Guest cbeeb

    what a nitemare just wishing you good luck with whatever you have to do. there for the grace of god go alot of us.

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