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    Guest ali@51

    HELP! I am begining to worry about my sense of humor even more than I was. We went to the kids harvest festival today and a very nice man came round selling raffel tickets. Now you would think this was fairly harmless and even I couldn't put my foot in it with this! wouldn't you? WRONG!

    "would you like a strip" says he and what is out of my mouth before I can stop it.

    "No thanks its not my thing but you feel free if it takes your fancy!"

    Oh dear!

    Now is it my sense of humor or theirs thats out of kiltter.

    I did win a bottle of very nice (or at least alcholic) wine though;)

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    I think this migration process is playing havoc with everybody, but I thought what you said was funny.


    I normally ask "how much are they?"

    to get the reply "a pound a strip"

    and reply "I'll give you a fiver if you don't!" (I suppose it all depends on who's selling them though)

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