Wanted Down Under -ASC episode

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    Hi All,

    I taped this years series of wanted down under and got the opportunity to view trhis weekend as the wife was ill and bedridden with woman flu (Lost on that one!)

    One of the episodes was based in and around Port nAdelaide where a couple called Mandy and John went over from Barrow in Furness to Adelaide with him going round the Australian Submarine Company.


    I always wonder what happens to the subjects of the series and wonder if this couple, despite Mandys dislike of anything outside Barrow, ever actually moved over.


    Anyone with any idea's?

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    I often see the lady who had the little girl Billy at Golden Grove village (northeast) in fact we both went to look round the same rental a few years ago and thinking I knew her from somewhere but couldn't think where I said "hello how are you"? she looked at me as if I was mad!! then the penny dropped and I remembered she was off the tv programe and should wouldn't know me from a can of beans:biglaugh:. I blame my blondeness!!:embarrassed:

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