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    Guest mlissiman

    Hi there!


    When we moving here we regularly bought copies of Australia & New Zealand Magazine (Australia and New Zealand Magazine) available for WH Smith. They have a checklist in the back of there which gives fantastic things to 'tick off'. It was a regular in EVERY issue so I'd suggest you pick up a copy.


    Good Luck!

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    Guest Lisajonesey

    There's a magainisine over in the UK that is sold is Tesco / WHSMITH, all the usuall places - think it's called "Australia" There's usually a checklist towards the back somewhere.. we used that as our checklist, but added to it.


    It was quite helpful in reminded us what we needed to do, and when - as we moved within 2.5 months, and between the goodbye parties and packing we didn't know where to start.



    Get your calendar out and start planning.




    1. Notify Gas that you will be leaving in 1 month
    2. Notify Electric that you will be leaving in 1 month
    3. Notify Water that you will be leaving in 1 month
    4. Notify Council tax that you will be leaving in 1 month
    5. Notify TV license
    6. Book shipping
    7. Clear out your house
    8. give notice to work
    9. give notice to landlord
    10. Give notice to cancel UK mobile phone
    11. Cancel all unused credit cards
    12. Update any used credit cards with new address (you don't want your account details being posted to anyone else)
    13. Get handover files from Doctors and dentist
    14. Get up to date prescription for glasses and contact lenses
    15. Book flights
    16. Book accomadation
    17. organise travel money for any stops on the way out there
    18. Open Aussie bank account and trading account
    19. Sell car
    20. send documents to DVLA
    21. Cancel redundant Direct Debits and standing orders
    22. organise transfer of funds
    23. Shred or burn any surplus records
    24. Arrange any final visits to family/friends / leaving drinks
    25. Collect references from your employer and landlord
    26. Give your employer your new address, so you can get your P45
    27. Once you have your P45, you can claim your tax back (for the tax year you leave).. so print off a form from the HMRC website
    28. register for meet and greet service / temp accommodation, if required
    29. Put CV on recruitment sites.


    For anything that is getting shipped:

    1. Clean all gardening equipment and paint
    2. clean all camping equipment


    Before you fly out:

    1. Gather all travel documents together
    2. PACK!
    3. Phone utilities with final meter readings.. phone them again the next day to settle any outstanding balances (as it takes 24 hours for their systems to update)
    4. Arrange travel insurance

    On arrival:

    1. Pick up a copy of on arrival magazine:
    2. check into accommodation

    3. register at westpac (or whatever bank account you've opened) with your passport, so you can draw money out
    4. Buy a cheap sim card and put it in your UK phone
    5. contact DIAC - australia house
    6. register at the embassy
    7. Notify friends and family you've arrived

    Hope this helps!!



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