16 year old needs job

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    hi all, i am 16 years old and finished school in the uk and will be arriving in adelaide during november with my parents. my question is do i have to go to school for 1 year or can i get a job. my next question is , does anyone need a school leaver preferably in a trade or apprentership i would especially like to get into motor mechanics.

    fingers crossed.

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    I dont think you will have to go back to school, although the school leaving age is now 17....


    The school leaving age was lifted by a year, although students will not have to stay in high school full-time.


    The change in the leaving age meant that young people in their 16th year right through to 17 have to be either at school, at TAFE, in an apprenticeship or at work


    check out this website


    Australian Apprenticeships Homepage

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