here 6 months now!!

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    Hi, the journey so far......

    Visa process 3 years all in. We don't do a reccie. We grilled our agent!, and got lots of tips from a friend who relocated to W.A a year prior with a young family... and due to the visa processing time, and our ages (in the early 40s) just decided to go for it and take it from there!!!!...... We fancied an adventure and possibly a new way of life long term..... The weather and outdoors lifestyle too...


    I hadn't been to Adelaide for nearly 20 yrs (since backpacking days!!!) and Phil had only been to QLD for a week (we holidayed there at the end of a N.Z backpacking trip on way back to the UK, 4 yrs prior, - to do scuba diving).

    Arrived 11th May with a baby on the hip!!!! Most of my husbands memories of the last flight were of a baby tired and upset for 7 hrs!!!!! Luckily this was the 7 hr, not the 12 hr flight!!!!!!!!! Jack had just had his 1st bday!!!


    We stayed for the first 6 wks in Oaklands Park (basic accommodation but convenient). We met a couple of good friends there whom we are very much still in touch with. Aussie and English. On the 3rd week Phil started work in the meat trades. He had to be up at 3.30am and do a 45 min. journey, so sometimes that was challenging! However we were grateful for the work, for rent and food money and to stop us worrying q so much!!!! Obviously with a youngster, there is always more to consider.


    For me job hunting was a bit more interesting!!! Q a lot of apps went in for p-t work, often not hearing a thing back. My background is airline work (12 yrs). I couldn't q work out how this could be achieved at present, working a 7 day roster, 24 hour availability, not knowing anyone in Adelaide to help out with Jack. Childcare - that was a new thing completely to look into out here!!!!!...

    I am now on my second job, receptionist, one day a week. Most of my time I am with my son, so I am lucky there...


    4 months ago, Phil converted his H.G.V licence to the equivalent H.R licence and got a white card. He joined an agency and practically came home skipping one day!!!!!... He said there was a job that would use his H.R. Working for a local company, the work was N'wide. I said we should take it... It would mean he would be away a couple of weeks at a time sometimes, so knowing that we were very new to Australia, I knew it would be challenging, esp. with such a young child. We r v much still in the transition period, but hopefully with family coming out in a few months time, it will make it a bit easier.... I am proud of him, it is such a change for him, and that can be stressful in itself... He is lucky and gets to see a bit of Oz every now and then. Good experience. I was fortunate and covered some in my backpacking days..... Life is too short not to I think....



    Through toddler groups and other groups I have been fortunate to meet some friendly people. Just last weekend, Jack was hospitalised for 30 hrs, which was v stressful, my hubby does not always have moby signal. I was communicating through his company and we were considering pulling him away from Broome, W.A, a 12 hr journey. Jack came off the drip and we got discharged. I said we were hopefully over the worst, we were ok, with the back up of some amazing new friends!!!! My old neighbour and friend was in the emergency section of the hosp with me from 10pm - 3am last Sat nite. Thank you Rea and family. I am still speechless!!!!!! A huge support....


    It was also a sharp reminder, how self reliant we all need to be... I was not too sure whether to tell my family in the UK, for fear of worrying them, esp. with the distance, they would av worried even more!!! It came good in the end. Character strengthening I believe.


    We enjoy our time off. We have visited some nice attractions (mainly in the city) and some nice beaches. It is easy, not to plan to have a day out I believe, but there is still so much to see!!! It is v easy for "normal life" to take over...


    If ever we have an "off day" we try and remind ourselves of the winter weather and more importantly possibly, my hubbys job in the UK has now gone down to a 4 day wk with a pay cut. My industry was also slightly affected by recession.


    We just thought, if we don't do it, we will never know.......


    Obviously it is a rollercoaster ride, but so far I am enjoying the experience.

    I need Jack to start talking as I enjoy conversation!!!!!


    Sometimes we miss friends and family. On the whole, we are enjoying doing new things and meeting new people.


    It is a long distance (and costly), so a trip back needs to be carefully planned.


    We are looking fwd to family visiting next yr. We hope to give it a few yrs and suss it out then!!!

    Enjoy Adelaide, Enjoy Australia.

    Sue, Phil (middle of nowhere!!!), Jack,

    Mitchell Park


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    Guest edenfieldpoms

    That is a brilliant post and just justifies all our reasons for wanting to go to OZ. I have the same impression of life like you and think if we dont do it now never will and might regret it in the future, we also are in our forties and with kids.


    thank you for you post



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    Superb reading,and very similar to what many of us have experienced over the past few years.Best of Luck to you and your Family.

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    Guest The Hamers

    Hi Sue and Phil - thanks for the post.


    We have also been here for around 6 months now and due to blog on our experiences soon!


    We are also in Mitchell Park - will pm you with our numbers if you want to catch up.



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    Great post and a good read. Thanks for your update and here is to the next 6 months !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Guest The Standalofts

    Thats for the post, I really look forward to hearing how folks are settling in. wishing you all the very besy x



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    Guest Deano1970

    Great post weve got 9wks till our new life begins. all the best for you and youre family x


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