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    Hey guys,


    I know it's cheaky to put out a list but we are after the following items:


    Washing Machine

    Queen Bed & Matteress

    Single Bed & Matteress

    TV Unit

    Male Bike

    Outside Table & Chairs



    If you know anyone who has or may have any of these available in the next few weeks that would be a great help! Do not have a huge budget, just want things to 'make do' for the time being!

    Have been searching on classifieds but items go fast :daydreaming:


    Thanks in advance



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    we have a old 4 burner flat bed bbq, its been sat outside in all weathers for the past 12 months and i aint even looked at it, so dont know how bad it is but its had the cover over the cooking plates, so with a good scrub it should come up well enough to see you through ya first aussie summer, theres no gas bottle with it tho so you would have to go buy one, but if ya willing to put a bit of elbow grease in and give it a good scrub and come pick it up from seaford, you are more than welcome to it:) i'll get hubby to go out and have a quick look at it in morn just check all the burner knobs aint rusted solid or owt on it lol


    cant help with owt else, but just remembered we had this sat out in garden gathering dust since we purchased a new one last year


    just send me a pm for addy if u wanna come pick it up:)


    good luck finding your other bits too:)


    Dawn xx

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