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Guest Chandan

Child-Safe Environments Course

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    Guest Chandan

    I have spent a very emotional day at a course to identify children that maybe at risk and/or being abused.


    I would thoroughly recommend it to any one who comes into contact with children, socially, at work or at home.


    We all come into contact with children, and to be able to recognise the signs is so important to be able to help that child/children in the correct way, and know when and how to report.


    We all would love to have our eyes on our children 24/7 to protect them from such horrifying experiences, but sadly we cant.


    Doing this course has now given me the tools to help any child I will ever come into contact with for the rest of my life to be able to do something if I ever see the signs.


    From June 2009 - June 2010 41,000 reports of child abuse was reported in South Australia alone, those are just the ones that were reported.


    Its time to take our heads out of the sand and realise how this could be affecting children in our community, and for us to be there to help them.


    God forbid if anything should ever happen to any child I know I would pray there was someone there to see the signs and report it.


    Sharon and Owen at Safe Place Training were so compassionate, sensitive and informative and warm welcoming I would definatly recommend their course.


    Child Safe Environments - Mandatory Notification Training - Safe Place Training


    I hope we can all protect our kids from what can be a very dark world sometimes.

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