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Guest Andrew Paul Weston

Adelaide - Here We Come (I Hope)

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    Guest Andrew Paul Weston



    Have just found this wonderful site and would like to introduce myself and

    my wife Larraine to you.

    We live in a market town 30 mile north of London in Bedfordshire where we

    are actively involved in the local community and commute into London for

    the Arts/Theatres/Museums and of course bars and restaurants.

    We have visited Australia twice in the past 4 years and on returning

    in January 2007 we both agreed that just visiting was not good enough

    we want to reside!

    However, due to our ages (over 50) we can only get out on a RSMS Visa

    where I would have to obtain Employer Sponsorship.

    I am a Maintenance Electrician and have obtained City & Guilds Part 1

    and Part 2, and Adelaide seems to have more Industrial Plant that would

    suit my occupation. On reading the Adelaide Mercury the positions advertised

    refer to "A Class Licence" required. Can anyone advise if this is an equivalent

    qualification to City & Guilds, or if this is a.n.other examination I would have to



    Andrew and Larraine

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    Guest mOZzy

    hello and welcome to this site :cute:


    unfortunately our city&guild here won't do much for you as such.

    it will give you the points to apply for the visa though (with many other things you'll have to provide of course) - the TRA at the very beginning.


    as far as i know the 'a licence' is for certain professions to be able to work unsupervised.

    my oh is also a maintenance electrician - he did his TRA as a fitter though (he's double skilled) - to be able to work his electrical stuff though he'll have to get the a licence in the end. and it could be quite a rough path to get it :confused:

    you first need to apply for your ARTC (that's like the TRA but assessed by actual people who know the trade and can tell if you do know your stuff) - when you pass that you can apply for your a licence. you also need to do a h&s and cpr course.

    it could happen that for the ARTC you'll get a call like an interview - skills related questions. so it's suggested that you read up on oz regulations. - you can start the whole process from the uk but only like sending off the application - it can only be received at an oz address (could be a friend though - like we'll be doing ;))


    as i said we are nowhere near that stage but once we are i'll be able to answer in more detail!!



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    Guest Django

    Hello and welcome to PIA. Sorry can't help with the technical stuff:goofy: but I'm sure someone on here will have the answers for you.



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    Guest Russfamily

    when i emmigrated for the first time as a Maintenance electrician {worked at Vauxhall LUTON} back in 96 they checked my city and guilds which are accepted, they will give you points in your application for a visa. when i arrived it was a case of going to the electrical licensing board and getting the license. But things have changed and they have tightened up, im almost 100% certain that you will need to do a short course and an exam at the end of it all to do with regulations if you look for previous posts under jobs and careers theres a load more info feel free to pm me if you have any questions

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    Guest dglamoore

    This is a hard one as you will not be applying for a visa as such like many on here so the points will not be relevant to you. Your best bet will probably be to approach employers direct with your cv and try and find one willing to sponser you. Have you chatted any of this through with an agent as they may be able to point you in the right direction :cute:


    Is there not still an under 45 age bracket for this type of visa? Hope I am wrong but thought there was and it is worth checking before you invest too much time and heartache :unsure:


    Good luck with everything and hope you get your dream



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    Guest soggy

    Hi Andrew and Larraine,

    Im no expert but think Lisa is correct about the 45 years age limit for the RSMS Visa, but found this on the site that may help,


    Exemption from eligibility requirements


    Nominated employees are expected to be under 45 years at the time of visa application. Where the nominated employee is 45 years or older, the employer must provide a submission to the department outlining why exceptional circumstances exist for the age requirement to be waived.

    Note: This applies to permanent Labour Agreement visas (Subclass 120 and 855) only


    good luck



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