Manchester ! Bedding needed

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    Love the term for bedding!


    I was just hoping someone had some old sheets they didnt need. I have about 6 weeks til my shipment arrives with a huge box full of the stuff. We have a tight budget til hubby starts work and was wondering if someone has any that were on their last legs but could last a few more weeks.


    We would like


    fitted single sheet x 1

    Single Flat sheet x 2

    Fitted King x 1

    Flat king x 1


    Or any of the combination


    Also old pots / pans/ cutlery/ etc


    Many Thanks,




    PS anyone in the North Adelaide area / Unley who would like to meet for a coffee or in a park with a 3 & 6 yr old?

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    Guest Vonne9

    I am packing up my house and have lots of stuff to help you get by, I live in Salisbury e-mail me at I am home most days, come and say hello and have a coffee, Carole

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