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Babysitter / mum swap!?

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    I have been invited to a xmas do next Friday (10th) and hubby is invited too.

    Only thing is we are counting every penny at the mo so really looking for someone who wouldnt mind doing a 'mum swap' with me! (i.e. babysit for eachother!!)


    Maybe you'd like a night out but in the same penny-pinching situation?

    I have 2 kids (12 & 7) - pretty much fend for themselves - throw them some scraps of food every now and then and you'll be their best friend!! :cute:

    Cheers for now

    Von x

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    Guest Peachie

    Hi we were in the same situation as you but we are in the western subs so prob too far to be of any help for you but our kids are 12 (13 next month) and 6 the oldest is a girl and quite mature we needed to go out last weekend (hubbies xmas do) so payed the older one a few dollers to baby sit and the younger one a few dollers to behave worked very well for us (we did phone lots and if there was a problem our neightbours would have helped I would never have trusted them but the do was an early start and we were home by 10.30 the kids are so pleased with themselfs and justified our trust I would do it again but not on a regular basis till kids alittle older but daughter is planning a future as a babysitter now to earn abit in her teens. she has already lined up some of my work collegues (to start when she is 14) ther is no legal age here to leave your children but must prove they are of reasonable maturity

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    Hi thanks. Though not sure I'm (or Jen) ready to let Brandon head up the house-hold - even for a few hours!! Bad enough that I nearly got dressed for work in one of his shirts this morning :0/

    he's getting big but dont want him to get too big for his boots!!! lol


    May consider when he's 14 though boys do mature later than girls!!


    Have a plan sorted for Friday. I dont mind helping out if people are really stuck for a solution!!

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