bruce n sheila

well hello there

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    came across this forum by accident.


    So who am I?

    I am dad of a family of 4 wanting to live in Australia and get there soon, tomorrow wouldnt be too soon for us. So, me, an Engineer and Project Manager and have received a positive skills assessment, my trade was on the interim list so applied and received sponsorship from them - Next and already lodged is the 176 Visa application which was lodged the day after we received our State sponsorship.


    So with me i will be bringing my wife and two children - son 15 and daughter 12 also will be bringing our dog with us - lab, 7 years old.


    So, hello to you all

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    G'day, and welcome to PIA.

    The forum is very useful, and you will get lots of help, advise etc,,,,,,,,,whether you want it or not:biglaugh:


    Good luck with your move...

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    Guest Guest75

    Hiya and welcome to the forum,sure we'll be of huge use to you.


    Look through some of the poster's stories on here and you will see patience is required I'm afraid.



    If you have any problems just give me or any other moderator a shout and we'll do our best to help.


    BTW ,I "imported" a Real Sheila (Mrs Tyke's first name):biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:


    We've been here years now,very settled.

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    Hi there and welcome to the forum. I am married to an engineer/project manager and have two kids of 16 and 13 - we've been here 6 years so if I can help at all just shout out.


    What sort of engineering do you do? If construction or electrical, you'll be laughing, if mechanical or manufacturing, it may be a little harder!

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