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    My darling daughter has decided she is too old for her extensive Bratz collection, so it's for sale, big baby bratz 1 boy 1 girl SOLD. hair salon with 6 big bratz dolls SOLD. lounging loft with 3 lil bratz and furniture SOLD. pencil case (full) lil pony, stamp set and writing book/diary . lil bratz beach house with 6 lil bratz and furniture. Bratz sleeping bag SOLD, large drawing pad, 5 bitzy petz with car and extra's, 2 annuals, body jewels, bag of crayons and pencils, 3 lil baby bratz, 2 big bratz, bratz denim mirror, cards, jumbo crayons . Bratz cocktail/diner set with 3 large bratz 1 boy 2 girls, 3 stools and drinks and food Bratz carry case with 4 girls and 4 boys with accesories etc etc the list goes on. drop me a pm if you are interested or want to know what else there is. Make me an offer!!!!

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