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    Apologies, but in relation to the down a few hours ago, I've just received this email.


    This is an emergency notice to inform you that the power that feeds the rack that your server is in will be undergoing emergency maintenance starting at 9:00PM CDT tonight. The issue is due to the ground fault power problem that CoreSite (WiredTree's datacenter provider) suffered this afternoon. CoreSite needs to shut down the circuits that power your servers and switch them over to new ones. This is a proactive replacement to ensure that your servers are being fed by stable power. They are pre-wriring the replacement circuits at this time and we will be issuing power down commands to your server starting at 9:00PM CDT and we expect downtime to minimal. Switching the circuits takes about ~10min to do by CoreSite and as soon as we have a stable power environment, we will be powering on your server. The expected outage window will be .5 to 1hrs in length. While we do not expect your server to be down for that long, we are giving our staff and the CoreSite engineering team an ample downtime window to get this issue taken care of and get your server back online. All best practice measures will be taken to ensure downtime is minimal. Your patience and understanding while we work on this proactive emergency replacement is greatly appreciated.
    Trying to work out the time difference, I think this means the forum could be offline in around 15mins time for up to an hour (worst case scenario).

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