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State School or Private School ????

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    :skeptical:What is the general opinion on schools in Adelaide... State or Private??

    All beiing well, we should make it over to Adelaide June/July 2011 our daughter will be 13 in the September & the advice we have had is for her to repeat year 7 to settle her in more easily.

    When we were in Brisbane last year on a research holiday for a month the general opinion was schools don't seem to be of the standard in the UK.... we were told Private education was affordable in Australia?.... what would be an average amount per year we could expect to pay in Primary school/High school??

    Some people advised us State school was quite good as well, depending in what areas you live in of course.

    The areas we are thinking about are : Flagstaff Hill, Adelaide Hills, Hallet Cove, etc..

    Advice would be very appreciated,

    Thank you All,

    Graham & Janis Price

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    Hmmm well this is a hardie :) Choice of school is so personally subjective and what suits one family wont suit another. However there are some excellent state schools in Adelaide and also some private ones. As for the question of whether education here is below par to that in England, well I don't think it is fair to compare really. They are two different systems. However Australian schools churn out just as many kids who enter university and become professionals as in doctors, lawyers etc. Australians participate in research at high levels etc. The education system also caters for future tradies and business people. There are training schools for hairdressing etc for those wishing a more hands on career. In short Aussie kids end up no less educated than other kids in the world, the approach is probably just different with it being more relaxed in the earlier years.


    Private schools in Adelaide range from annual fees of a couple of thousand to $20000. Again higher fee schools do not necessarily mean a better education. On top of these fees is the cost of uniform and stationary/text books and in some schools a laptop.


    A lot of people here send their kids to a state primary and then a private for high school from year 8. Some private schools include year 7 as part of their senior school. Nearly all privates are church based but usually in the form of general ethical religious ed and a service or two.


    Woodcroft college, Cardijn college, Tattachilla College are the main privates in the South of Adelaide.


    In the hills around Mt Barker there are Cornerstone College, St Frances de Sales and the Waldorf school.


    If you lived around Flagstaff Hill area then you could look at


    St Johns Grammar in Belair

    Mercedes College, Scotch college , Sacred Heart (Maymount for girls yrs 6-9), Seymour College (girls), St Aloysius College, St Marys (both girls in the CBD), Annesley College (girls) Pulteney Grammar(coed in the CBD), Westminster College, Walford (girls).


    Most of these schools have their fees somewhere on their websites except Scotch which is the most expensive in the state...think $20000 a year.


    Certainly privates are more affordable in terms of fees charged than UK counterparts, but they still take a slice out of your dollars earned. Most privates are not full, but some of the Catholic ones fill up quickly. Just have a browse through the websites for these schools and go and see them when you come. They all offer pretty much the same thing just packaged differently.


    For State schools South Australian Department of Education & Children's Services has all the websites for state schools. Most schools publish their newsletters on their website so you can get a feel beyond the blurb they like to tell parents. Most state high schools are tightly zoned, especially the more popular ones. There are specialist state high schools as well which take kids out of zone, this info is on the dete website. Perhaps think about what you are looking for in a school and do your research from there. Then when you get here have a look around in person.

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