First snake encounter

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    Well been here nearly 3 years and had my first close encounter today with a browny.:chatterbox:


    We were walking in the Adlinga Scrub when i heard this rustling turned to look for it to be confirmed as a brown snake around 3 feet long....dissappearing into the bushes...:goofy:


    After getting over the initial shock....its was quite an experience...


    But if anyone wants to go see some Roos and i mean heaps some were massive well over 6ft tall then the Aldinga Srub is the place to go.....Just make sure you wear the right clobber, leather closed shoes....jeans etc etc.....:policeman:



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    That what you get when you go into there environment Its only natural for them to be there as you said wear the correct gear and watch where you are walking.

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