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    Guest hellsb

    Hi All,


    This is my first post on here... I am an Endoscopy Nurse in the UK and I had an informal chat with a Nurse manager at the Calvary Wakefield Hospital. I was wondering if anyone has worked in endoscopy there and has a nurses perspective on it! I have heard a couple of negative things so would appreciate any feedback!


    Thanks, Helen.

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    i worked in calvary north endoscopy for a while last year..................mostly the same guys who work in both!


    You shouldnt have any problems as a nurse; a few guys are really into nurse endoscopists, but most are a bit cagey on the subject.


    wakefield gets more work, and investment has been extensive in the group...........

    the hospital is central, but the parking is attrocious!!!


    hope it helps, and good luck


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