buying a car from a private seller

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    Hi all,


    I really didn't want to buy a second car, but some things just cannot be helped.


    I have found work and it will be very hard to commute to and from my work and have to drop and collect hubbie, at the same time.

    If I travel on the buses, I will not make it to OSCH in time to pick up the kids.


    So we have a limited budget and have seen an okayish car on the net. It's from a private seller.


    Question is what do I need to do, to make sure that I cover myself on all aspects of the sale?


    Prema x

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    Guest shella_n

    Hey Prema


    Sorry not been in touch in ages - started a new job and the weeks have just flown by.


    Anyway, I brought a car privately and I had it checked ver by a mobile mechanic which cost me $150 and there was an internet site that I went on where you can check the owership and that theres no finance on it - I think that was $20 - cant remember the site name now - you can try google it but pm me if you cant find it and ill dig out my paperwork.


    Michelle x

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