Noisy neighbours

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    Why do people insist on playing their music so loud? I thought that was why iPods were invented, so the rest of us don't have to suffer other people's music.

    It's a beautiful day, but I can't sit out and enjoy it as the inconsiderate neighbour is playing music really loud. No doubt this will go on until the early hours of the morning.


    Is there anywhere I can complain to?

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    You can complain if it goes past 11, but I am not ENTIRELY sure where to...


    the police, is NYE;)

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    EPA are responsible for noise pollution, but they will probably direct you to the council.


    There ARE regulations and rules about 'reasonable' disturbances, e.g. lawnmowers on a Sunday etc. but they will probably ask you what kind of mediation that you have attempted yourself before they will intervene. The chances are that if it annoys you, it probably annoys the neighbours in the immediate vicinity as well. Sometimes, an anonymous letter in the mailbox saying "Could you please refrain, thanks" often works wonders. It is best to get on with neighbours, rather than fight over conflicts like this.


    if it is ongoing, document it, what you did to try and fix it, times you have contacted council etc. because it may be useful in the future if it goes 'to the next level'.

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    Guest Tina P



    I rang the local police station to ask what to do about my neighbour playing loud music during the day - the local one for us in Aldinga.

    I told them its never on an evening just daytime - we are selling our house so I think he was doing it on purpose !

    Anyway they said just ring again when he does and they will call to the house and ask him to turn it down !

    Just like that, I was surprised.


    I never have had to ring as he's stopped now but I will ring if it starts again.


    Good luck


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