Help! Uploading 176 documents!

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    Having read previous posts on this subject I have uploaded my documents for the 176 but am worried I have done it wrong. I put the passport photos all on one page due to the limit on file sizes, and named file "passport photos", but am worried I should have put these individually with the names on each. I can't seem to alter this now, anyone know what I can do?? AAHH! Now I see why people use agents to do all this!!


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    Guest t4top

    Hi Tean,


    I did exactly the same thing as you when I submitted our 176 application in November and I haven't worried about it.

    I think since you also attached copies of individual passports it is easy to figure out who is who from the passports as long as the photos has not changed a lot from the one in the passport.

    I am not a Migration agent but I have done everything so far myself and we are just waiting for response from the DIAC now.

    I hope it helps to know that you are not the only one who put all the photos on one page.:jiggy:

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