In S.A. at last

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    Well we have arrived in South Australia at last.

    Life was a bit of a panic back in England, as we had to validate visa's by 6th November, and held back buying flights, as we thought we were about to get an offer on our house, which eventually didn't happen, so only had 2 weeks to arrange flights.

    Mad panic, no flights on Singapore or Malaysian and only long waits and very expensive on Cathay, Quantas etc.

    Finally managed to find a flight with Royal Brunei Airlines, via Dubai, Brunei and Perth landing in Adelaide last Thursday 1st November.

    Very busy week, but have so far managed to buy a car, change our driving licences, register with Medicare, travel from the city to Murray bridge a few times, get over jetlag etc.

    We are very fortunate as our Aussie friends in Adelaide have a new house about to be finished, which they want us to house sit until January, so at least we have a cheap place to live. (Having said that my friend has just come home from the new house, it is now 10.15pm saying that they have had a disaster at the new house as it has just been flooded from a leaking pipe.) I guess we will move in sometime, as soon as it is finished!!.

    Should also say that the weather on arrival was cold and wet, and only picked up yesterday. We had to borrow all sorts of warm clothes, as we were only able to bring 25kgs each, and these were nearly all summer clothes, as Australia is coming into Summer.

    Sounds like a disaster, but we are again coming to terms with our new surroundings, and trying to establish a life here.

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    Guest ali@51

    Wow you've been busy! hope things settle down for you soon. glad you got their ok

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    Guest graandjac

    :swoon:Not a good start but hey things can only get better, hope all goes well and things start to fall into place, the weather will soon pick up and youll be on the beach in no time, and cracking the beer at the barby, and boy do ozzy cans have a great sounding crack:biglaugh: Cheers Graham

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