Guest Steve and Michelle

Legal Executives?

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    Guest Steve and Michelle

    Hi all, I was wondering if you could help us.

    My wife and I will be starting the visa process in the New Year. She is a primary school teacher and we will therefore be applying on the basis of her occupation.

    I was wondering what my chances of employment are. I am a Legal Executive, which I do not believe are as well recognised in Australia as they are in England - I am hoping that someone can tell me different!


    I work in Conveyancing, and whilst I appreciate that some further training would be required anyway due to the differences in English and Australian Property Law, I was hoping that someone could tell me whether gaining employment in this kind of job is possible.


    Your answers would be much appreciated.




    Steve and Michelle

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    Guest graandjac

    :)Hi steve having just returned from our reccie i met up with Dale of jo and dale of the site as this is what he does. He could be the one to ask. Cheers Graham

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