A Scottish Love Poem x

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    A Scottish Love Poem


    (Who said Scottish guy's aren't romantic?) almost everyone!


    A' coorse ah love ye darlin' Ye're a bloody tap notch burd.


    An' when ah say ye're gorgeous Ah mean iv'ry single word.


    So yer bum is oan the big side Ah don't mind a bit o flab.


    It means that whin ah'm ready There's somethin' therr tae grab.


    So yer belly isny flat nae merr Ah tell ye, ah don't cerr.


    So long as when ah cuddle ye I cin get mah erms roon' therr.


    Nae wummin wha is your age Hiz nice roon' perky breasts.


    They jist gave in tae gravity Bit ah know ye did yer best.


    Ah'm tellin ye the truth noo Ah nivir tell ye lies.


    Ah think its very sexy Thit ye've goat dimples oan yer thighs.


    Ah swerr oan mah grannies grave noo The moment thit we met.


    Ah thocht ye wiz as guid as Ah wiz ivir goanie get.


    Nae maitter whit ye look like Ah'll aywiz love ye dear.


    Noo shut up while the fitba's oan An' fetch anither beer.
















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