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    Hi Everyone,


    We are a family from Oakworth, West Yorkshire, hoping to live in the Adelaide area. We are Alex(40), Allison(41) and Connor(14). Our state sponsorship was submitted 2 weeks ago, and having already come through skills assessment and trade recognition we feel we have already come a long way but still have a long way to go. Our main sticking point at the moment is our son who is adamant he will not come to Oz. Does anyone have any tips or has anyone been in this position. He does however love his sports and is a great rugby and footy player, is into skateboarding and x box. Any good clubs etc we can tempt him with etc...............love to hear how we can talk him round and all get excited as a family,



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    Hi and welcome to the site


    If he's into sports, he'll have no worries - there are so many sports and clubs here, he'll be spoilt for choice, and if you/he wants it, never have a dull moment!! Teenage boys here are the same as in the UK though too, and into Xbox and PS3 just the same - COD Black Ops and Assassins Quest and Runescape as far as I can make out! Also (he may be a bit young for this to matter!) but my kids tell me Australian girls find an English accent really "hot"!! In the summer holidays, he'll be able to either go for a swim in his own pool (if you end up getting one) or go round to a mates for a swim, or hit around on a tennis court, or head for the beach, or go to a skateboard park, or a round of golf, or join a band, or join in a sports coaching course to improve his skills - football (or soccer as it's referred to often here to distinguish it from aussie rules) is very popular (mainly because of the influx of Germans, Croatians, Italians, Brits, etc), and although rugby isn't huge here, there are a few clubs springing up.


    Generally here the main media stars and 'role models' (in my experience) tend to be sportspersons rather than pop stars, so for that reason alone, I think it makes for a better environment to grow up in - and there's not the same emphasis on what you wear (could be a good or bad point!) so kids tend to stay kids just a little bit longer.


    Oh, and tell him he'll be able to start learning to drive at 16 (eek!)


    Dunno if that helps but good luck anyway!

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    Thanks Diane,

    Some very useful info there for us all.

    Sounds like he will fit in just fine........reassuring for us.


    Allison and Alex x

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