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    Well where do I start, we first applied in November 2010 for state sponsorship and because my silly caseworker typed in a wrong date it was declined because according to the original form sent my husband hadn't worked since 2007, anyway sorted all that out and we had to re apply and send in whole new paperwork, this left us December 8th we sent it recorded delivery to London and our caseworker received the next day our application was lodged ye t again! We didn't hear anything and kept checking and chasing it up when suddenly on the 28th December I got yet another phone call from my casework and yet more bad news SA hadn't received our declarAtion and yet again the application couldn't be processed. We again ran round and managed to get everything in the post the same day, and finally on the 10th January SA confirmed they had received all the documents, woohoo!!!!!! Now it's the long wait to see if we have been successful, don't know what we will do if it goes wrong this time.


    Sharon 37 pre school play worker

    Andy 38 plumber

    Lauren 9

    Harvey 3

    Looking to start a whole new life in Adelaide

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    That sounds familiar........We had a panic on the week before Christmas. SA said the documents we had posted hadnt arrived ( posted 9th Dec 2010 )and we would miss our deadline. Deadline was then extended to the end of Jan and we had to rush around solicitors etc etc verifying docs again on the week approaching xmas and resend. Got notification 4th Jan that our original docs had then arrived..........Never mind, all in a days work!!!

    Allison (Physio asst)

    Alex (Welder)

    Connor (14)

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    Hi Sharon


    Yes it can be a long stressful journey but so worth it!!!:cute:


    There is lots of help and advice under the migration section on here if you need it.


    Good luck with everything


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    Hi Sharon - it's great to see somebody from Loughborough on PIA ! Good luck with the Visa process - the agent hasn't done you any favours have they ? We were lucky - using Global Visas & got a New Zealander who had previously worked in the Austrialian Immigration Dept, so was very careful with all paperwork submitted. I would advise keeping copies of anything submitted - try to have them verified by an equivalent of a Justice of the Peace here ( which is free ) but in the UK we stuck a deal with a local solicitor to do any such work fo a set fee.



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